Mental Health Awareness

The After Six Club

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    Two inspirations resigned with life - Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain. It's time to fully take over and step up, make everyone know that this is serious and that depression isn't just about "cheering up"

    Picked up the phone and sought for help and how we can be of help.

    Lend them your hand, give them the warmth of your hug, time to pray with them and perhaps, just give them the time to feel and know that they aren't alone in this journey and that there is still faith in humanity.

    The After Six Club will be having a FREE #linkedinlocalPH meetup on June 26 at Clock-in Bonifacio High Street, 6-9PM to address Mental Health and how we can help one another, not just as a friend nor a colleague but as a human who care for one another. #mentalhealthawareness

    We'll send more information in the coming days. Meanwhile, if you need support, we're here. You may sign up your attendance through

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