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Raegan Fatouros & Khatija Qureshi

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    Welcome to the first #linkedinlocal Toronto West (Etobicoke) event! This event joins other #linkedinlocal events taking place around the world! Be the first to participate in Etobicoke!

    What is #linkedinlocal?

    #linkedinlocal is a purely community-driven event organized by everyday regular people, like you and me, interested in #connectinghumans behind the LinkedIn profiles, job titles, business cards and company names. Agendas are kept to minimum and sales pitches should be left at home. Check out the website https://www.linkedlocally.com to learn more!

    Who Should Attend?

    You. Me. Everyone and anyone interested in finding inspiration in others. To make it even more enticing, #linkedinlocal events are FREE (although we do ask that you purchase food or drink in order to support the venue hosting us). Space is limited to ticket holders only to keep the event intimate so you must register in order to attend.

    Why Attend?

    Attend to meet people for no other reason than to get to know them on a truly personal level, and let them get to know you, and ultimately expand your social and professional circles with like-minded people. Hear people’s stories. Spark new ideas. Help others. Connect. All in an open forum that exists for the sole purpose of bringing people together.

    In order to spark connection and conversation, we will have two brief speakers sharing their stories: Brian Almeida, a local entrepreneur, dream chaser and #linkedinlocal champion will speak about the inspiration he has found on LinkedIn and through attending #linkedinlocal events & Melora Parker Pistore, a local consulting hypnotist, will speak about overcoming fear.



    We may take photos/videos of the event to promote our event’s awesomeness on social media.

    Onsite parking available at the venue.

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