LinkedIn Local Louisville

Koehler Slagel and Michael Gililland

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    We have something new and exciting in town!

    Networking and connecting with people with interactions, not transactions.

    The LinkedIn Local movement is driven by the mission of connecting with your network offline and in person.

    LinkedIn Local is driven by the values of authenticity and collaboration.

    So, come out to the first inaugural LinkedIn Local Louisville (#linkedinlocallouisville) and hear stories worth sharing, engage with people worth meeting, and initiate a collaboration that will level up your brand.

    Come out and meet your network face to face and create new and lasting connections

    Below is the story of LinkedinLocal....


    My name is Anna McAfee, I’m a mother and wife from the east coast of Australia. Yes, I’m an Aussie.

    I have lived and worked around the world, and through my journeys, I’ve built a vast network via LinkedIn. Yet, I’ve always missed that feeling of really knowing who I’m reading inspiring posts from and sharing eye-opening knowledge with.

    So, in April 2017, I wrote a post using the hashtag #linkedinlocal, asking my LinkedIn connections in my little city on the Australian East coast, Coffs Harbour, to meet up for coffee. To my surprise, a lot of people reacted to the post, not only the 18 people who showed up, but also people in other cities around the world.

    One of them was Erik Eklund. Within an hour of posting he wrote me saying he would host a similar meetup in Brussels, Belgium. After him, Alexandra Galviz in London, United Kingdom, and Manu Goswami in New York City.

    The word spread quickly. One of Manu’s post about the concept became one of the most viewed posts on LinkedIn with 1.4 million views. Alexandra, voted one of UK’s top Influencing voices 2017, engaged the world in her monthly meetups, and together with Erik’s video from Barcelona (watch) LinkedIn Local went global. People were calling, emailing and messaging us from Sydney to Rio de Janeiro, asking to join the movement.

    We decided to get organized to help as many as possible. This is where Erik really made a difference. He defined a concept out of my idea by adding his brand “Connecting Humans”, and created a guide that helped so many understand what makes a LinkedIn Local special (and now all the text on this website). Nevertheless, without Ryan Troll‘s passion and dedication, this website wouldn’t be here.

    We had no idea what we had set in motion, but today I look back and smile. What once upon a time was a simple hashtag, is today in 100+ cities worldwide. Thanks to Alexandra and her engagement in London, Manu and his influence across the globe, Erik and his storytelling, and Ryan and his webbie techie skills,.

    If you’ve ever asked yourself, what’s in it for me or what’s the value, it’s clear that we love to connect with one another face-to-face, are willing to help and share, and love being part of something more than just our own lives.

    I’m thrilled to see these meetups being organized and invite you to create your own, or attend one close to you. But please, respect the values and the purpose of the concept.


    Anna McAfee

    Co-Founder of LinkedIn Local

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