LinkedIn Local Coimbatore

Suresh Kumar, Mohan Naarayan and Dhanya Ajay

    Date & Time

    What is LinkedlnLocal?

    Connecting Humans

    People connected on LinkedIn only interact remotely and electronically . Quite often we wonder if we could meet some of these people, those who are local, in person. We now have a possibility.

    A meetup concept called LinkedIn Local was created by Anna McAfee, Erik Eklund, Alexandra Galviz and Manu Goswami. It has taken off globally and are being hosted in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Montreal, Toronto, London, New York, Brussels, and Barcelona, with many more cities worldwide coming onboard.

    #LinkedInLocal is completely community driven initiative and has no official affiliation with LinkedIn Inc.

    Who would you meet?

    Come and meet the people behind their LinkedIn profiles and meet some new people to add to your network. Join us to get to know each other a little better.

    Get up close and personal for no other reason than getting to know them, and letting them get to know you in one facilitated event - #LinkedInLocal.

    Come for connections, conversations and for meeting new people that you might otherwise have never met.

    When is the event?

    Would be announced soon

    Where is the event?

    To be announced

    Please note this is neither an event nor a place with the primary purpose to:

    • Source clients or partners.
    • Sell a service or product.
    • Promote a business.
    • Make a profit.

    Your host would be Suresh Kumar, Mohan Naarayan, Dhanya Ajay


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