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Connect with the humans behind the LinkedIn profiles

Schedule a call​

To be recognized as a LinkedIn Local host, you are required to schedule a call with one of the co-founders.

Join our movement​

Once approved, you can use #linkedinlocal wherever you post and you receive a personal login to the website with full access to the hosting guide.

Launch your event​

Create the advertisement of your meetup via i.e. eventbrite and then post the details to your "create event" page on The event must be made available to the public.

Our A to your Q

Why should someone attend?

To meet people for no other reason than to get to know them on a truly personal level, and let them get to know you, and ultimately expand your social- and professional circles with like-minded people.

Who can be a host?

Anyone active on LinkedIn and with a network large enough to assure a minimum of 15 attendees.

If you would like to become a host, just schedule a call with one of us.
We would love to get to know you, why you want to become a host and how we can help you.

Psst, remember, we are not working for LinkedIn the company or represent them in any way.

How is an event organized?

We are fully aware of the common way of networking.

This is not that way.
Let's put the social back in social and drop the name badges, speakers and business talks.

☛ Start by being personal.
☛ Focus on quality over quantity.
☛ Speak with the people and not to the people.
☛ Create an environment that allows for people to share emotions, beliefs, hopes and dreams.

Sounds good - Schedule a call with one of us!

Can I use the hashtag #linkedinlocal and #connectinghumans?

Yes you can, but please...
- Use it separate and lower case ☛ #linkedinlocal #connectinghumans
- Don't add other words to it ☛ #LinkedInLocalSydney (no no) or #connectingrealhumans (nooooo)

It's very difficult to find your meetup, validate the authenticity and track engagement if you use it in another way (which would be sad).

Can my company host a LinkedIn Local?

No because...
- LinkedIn Local meetups are about the individual and connecting humans.
- They are also pitch free and therefore organized by individuals rather than companies.

Meetups can be sponsored by companies if it provides i.e. free space or food for attendees.

How often can LinkedIn Locals be held?

This is entirely up to you.
Some cities run events twice a month, once a month, bi-monthly or quarterly.

Can there be more than one LinkedIn Local per city?

Yes BUT,
if there is a planned event in your city already, please visit that before deciding to create you own. We also encourage you to get in touch with the current host(s), to collaborate and contribute to your community, which is the purpose of the concept.

Due to the popularity in some cities, we have appointed a city ambassador with the responsibility to connect the different hosts and ensure that events don't clash and hosts are working together.

IMPORTANT: this is not a popularity contest - we are stronger together and the concept is built to bring people together not against each other.

Until date, the most successful events have been co-hosted.

I live in a very small city, can I host a LinkedIn Local?

The first LinkedIn Local took place in a small city the size of 60,000 people. Some cities have run very successful events with less than 10 attendees. It's about quality rather than quantity.

More questions?

Just send us a little hello and ask, we are super happy to help as well as improve the concept

Your LinkedIn Local team

#linkedinlocal #connectinghumans